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Dude, buyer beware: This is the whole Unreal Project - not the individual assets. Was looking forward to seeing how these assets meshed with the game I’m developing, but I’ve no interest in stealing someone else’s homework when I can do my own.

This asset has no fbx files and I believe is meant for unreal engine, useless…

Can this be used for commercial products like a game? By the way nice project. 

Cannot view the fly through sample as the video is private.

Yeah the video got a copyright claim because of the music.  The video is back up now

So is it safe to assume these assets are CC0, as in users can just do whatever they please with them and use them in their own projects, yeah?

Unfortunately, absent an explicit license, the only thing it is safe to assume is that these are under the default All Rights Reserved status of copyright and cannot be used.  

This is clearly not the intent, but without a license it is the situation.  Hopefully the author will update this with something that grants usage.

Hey guys, I worked on this project for uni.  Heres a link to the artstation post with all are names on it and for more info. Cheers

What are your license requirements? Are these free to use?


All assets are free to use :) Cheers. 

Hi, this is an awesome collection of assets. Usage rights are a little vague through itch, would you mind if I use some of the assets here for a university project? It will likely be on here in a few weeks, I would be happy to add a link here in the project description as well as credits.


All assets are free to use :) Cheers. 


Hmm I can't Seem to Figure out how to use this Asset Pack 😅I'm probably Doing something wrong inside of unity.

very very nice. thank you. you sir are a gentleman

Thanks for share this! :D

Very nice looking. Reminds me of Prey.